Welcome to the Challenge

Hey what’s going on its J. Lopez here,
I’d like to thank you for joining the 30 Day Body Transformation Challenge Summer Body Survival

Here are just a few things to prepare you. I’m a big fan of making sure no one feels left out or out of place on my challenge, stress and confusion has no place around your fitness goals.

    1. This challenge is hosted in the Team Trainer God Group on Facebook. You don’t have to be a member of the online club to be in the group because both programs are under the Trainer God umbrella, why not all participate and motivate together??! Now, if you’d like to join the club at a later time, you’re more than welcome, in fact you’ll find a tab in your account with details and joining info.
    2. You don’t have to create a Facebook account to add friends and family if you’re not the most social person online or even social media savvy for that matter. This group serves as a convenient way for all members to communicate with me, and it allows you to engage with other members of the challenge (Trust me, this is the best part about the challenge). So right now, if you don’t have a Facebook account, make one, it takes 1 minute. The link to join the Facebook Group is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1788422237922712/
    3. Your materials for the challenge will be available in your account the Thursday before the challenge.This gives enough time to go meal prep shopping as well as ask any questions you have about the challenge. To protect the integrity and respect of this challenge, we level the playing field by making sure that all members get access at the same time, not at an earlier window.
    4. Any and all questions regarding the challenge must be posted on the Facebook Group Wall. This is a rule for all members that is applicable upon joining. This allows other members that may have similar questions to have them answered, or you may find another members question to be helpful to you. I’m all about teamwork, competition is fun, but I stand on the fact that everyone can learn from someone else, that includes me!

Thats all for now, again congrats on joining and I’m looking forward to seeing your engagement in the Facebook Support Group.

Oh yea, 2 more things I forgot to mention:

    1. Once you request Facebook Group access, please give the team 24 hours or less to approve the request.We get a ton of requests and like to review carefully to ensure that only official challenge and online club members gain entry.
    2. Feel free to introduce yourself and let everyone know any details about you or why you joined. If you’re already a member of the group, a re-introduction is always welcomed!

Again, congrats on joining.

All the best,

J. Lopez