Trainer God

J. Lopez is the #1 online body transformation coach, whose program enables results based
entrepreneurs to hit their body goals in 90 days or less without starvation diets or spending
countless hours in the gym.

In 2017, J. Lopez quit his job at a multi-billion dollar commercial gym to start his own gym out
of his garage. A year later, he relocated his business to a private basement space to accommodate
his ever-growing clientele. His clients dubbed him the “Trainer God” because of his ability to
consistently help them achieve body transformations in miraculously short periods of time
without the use of commercial gym equipment. In 2018, he officially launched the online version
of his 13 week training method, The 90 Day Body Transformations ™ Program.

In 2019, he hit six figures in sales, and solidified his position as the #1 online body
transformation coach for entrepreneurs looking to hit their body goals in 90 days or less. In 2020,
he grew his business and launched The School of Trainer God ™ , an online educational program
that teaches trainers and fitness professionals how to organically build and grow successful
online businesses. He is also a sought after speaker and mentor, and continues to expand his
portfolio with enterprise and affiliate partnerships and initiatives.