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Rebecca Garrett

“Hit her body goal while traveling and eating more”

Tori Grace

Cynthia Jaimee

“Lost stubborn belly fat and toned up in 90 Days following online program”

Colette Brown

Lose stubborn body fat and increased confidence in herself!

Phoenicia Warren

“Went from being sluggish and not feeling like herself to being productive in her business and having a life again”

Myeka Jennings

“Lost weight put on from depression and now feels 5 years younger”

Dominic Fondon

Donn Jones

Christy Rutherford

“Developed new workout and eating habits while balancing a busy work schedule”

Jasmine Branford

Charlene and Charlotte

“Lost over 30 pounds each and now have more energy and strength”

Lisa Kelly

Ron Rockett

Racquel Jones

Najma Shy




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