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Sarah Williamson

Lost over 25 pounds and toned up without losing consistency. Improved productivity and confidence in business.

Rebecca Garrett

Owner of Life By Design Academy
Lost stubborn belly fat and hit her toning goal while traveling for work and consistently sticking to a structured meal plan.

Nykema Brown

Licensed Esthetician/Professional Make-up Artist
Lost over 30 pounds without losing curves. Increased confidence and business productivity.

Tori Grace

Event Host
Lost over 20 pounds of stubborn belly fat without losing motivation or accountability.

Colette Brown

Master Hair Stylist / Owner of Salon Bliss Atlanta
Lost over 38 pounds without losing her curves or giving in to unhealthy eating habits.

Myeka Jennings

Online Fashion Boutique Owner
“Lost weight put on from depression and now feels 5 years younger”

Dominic Fondon

Increased daily energy, focus, and creativity in business by developing a consistent fitness routine.

Donn Jones

Singer/Rapper/Studio Engineer
Lost 9% body fat & gained 13 lbs. of muscle. Increased self-confidence and energy to represent his brand. He also overcame the need

Christy Rutherford

Women’s Career & Success Coach
Lost stubborn belly fat and developed a consistent morning workout routine. Increased daily focus and energy in business.

Jasmine Branford

Award Winning Author/Speaker
Lost 15lbs. of stubborn belly fat & toned without hitting plateau. Increased energetic mood for speaking and creativity for writing.


Financial Funding Coach
Lost over 25 pounds and increased business productivity.

Lisa Kelly

Life Coach
Lost 30 pounds before business rebrand shoot. Increased self-confidence to promote and network.

Ron Rockett

Construction Company Owner
Lost over 45 pounds and lowered blood pressure. Increased energy and focus throughout the day.

Racquel Jones

Lost over 15 pounds of stubborn belly fat and dropped 1 clothing size down. Increased self-confidence and mental clarity throughout workday.

Najma Shy

Lost stubborn body fat and toned up without losing curves.
Increased bookings and inquiries for modeling and acting.

Charlene and Charlotte

Faith Coaches/Speakers
Lost over 30 pounds each and now have more energy and strength

Nicole Pringle

Lost stubborn belly fat, developed better eating habits, and became more consistent with nutritional routine.


Lost 25 pounds without losing curves, increased confidence, and overcame depression.


Self-Love Coach
Lost 33 pounds, dropped 4 dress sizes, and developed more discipline in business.


Owner of TRUTH Honey/Award Winning Beekeeper
Lost over 35 pounds and accomplished a new healthy lifestyle. Increased energy, better mood, and no longer gets burned out.


Lost over 35 pounds and 5 inches off waist. Cleared up skin acne and increased self-confidence.


Lost stubborn belly fat and toned up. Increased creativity and business production by developing new routine.

Phoenicia Warren

Multi-business owner
Lost over 24 pounds. Went from feeling sluggish to increasing confidence and feeling like she has a life again.

Cynthia Jaimee

Model/Fitness Coach
Accomplished her weight loss & toning goal while on a plant based meal plan without hitting a plateau.